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Cookie was not a dog, She was a Blessing!!!

Born Dec20, 2008, you were inseparable from your twin Cocoa,

You were full of life and laughter until Cocoa left us suddenly 61/2 years ago .

You then became the center of attention for all of us ,

You braved Hurricane Harvey and we were all rescued in the boat together,

You were brave and resilient and continue to give us Love,

Your eyes expressed it all, what ever you wanted to say,

We walked by the lake and played in the yard,

You then began to slowly go gray and your walk got slower,

When Max and Molly came into your life in Jan 2021, you suddenly took the role of Grand Mother,

You got the spark again and got revitalized by both of them ,

You watched Max and Molly run in the yard while you enjoyed watching them have fun ,

Max and Molly became inseparable from you,

It was beautiful to see you all cuddling together,

But all suddenly changed with your passing away today, as you crossed the Rainbow Bridge ,

Life will never be the same without you ,

You were far more than a pet but a true family member,

You were always there for us wagging your tail and welcoming us at the door with your Beautiful eyes,

You have left your indelible paw prints on our hearts for ever,

You were a pure soul , We will love you for ever ,

Thank you Cookie for the Unconditional Love you gave us all ,

We will cherish the Beautiful Memories we made together,

Thank you my friend for being You !!!


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