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Celebrating An Amazing Milestone, 50 Years of Friendship !!!

Celebrating An Amazing Milestone, 50 Years of Friendship !!! In July '73, a friendship bloomed, Deepak and Randeep, their spirits zoomed, As we met early in 8th grade riding our bikes daily to Salwan Public School in New Delhi's domain, A bond so strong, it would forever remain. Study buddies side by side we stood, Through thick and thin, understood, Remember those Saturday all-nighters, Books and laughter, friendship igniters. Eating delicious Bun Makhan with hot chai during our Saturday Midnight study breaks, On Dhaba at Gurudwara Road, Karol Bagh , a familiar place, You introduced me to The Wonderful World of Beatles' melodies, And also to cold coffee, with our hearts enjoying at ease. Trips to Depaul's in Connaught Place , As we watched hep girls also come to sip the cool cold coffee that was the absolute new craze , Cherished memories we'd forever embrace, Life's birds and bees, you were absolutely the first who taught me facts of life , In the realm of education , you became my true Biology teacher for life , Ali McGraw's Love Story we'd see, Tears in my eyes, but you walked away from the Movie Theater, Cause of my Incessant loud crying at the movie's end, Yet our friendship had only began to ascend. Study marathons from dusk till dawn, Grades 8 to 11, together we'd spawn, As we chased our childhood passions , After high school, Your Journey began at IIT Kanpur , while Maulana Azad Medical College was my mine, We both followed our passions with divergent paths we took, yet our bond remained infinite. We both Settled in the U.S., thousands miles apart, You in LA, me in Houston's heart, Kids and grandkids, blessings untold, Our friendship, a treasure to hold. When I was dating Seema, from Hong Kong you spoke, Revealing my Love's depths to Seema, as hearts entwined grew. The day I proposed to Seema, from LA you flew, And seeking a promise from her for a lifelong romance , as we All raised a Toast at Kiran’s. Through fifty years, our bond has grown, Like the mighty oak, sturdy and sown, Cherishing the past, embracing the new, Together we stand, our friendship true. With gratitude, we celebrate this day, A friendship that's stood the test, they say, Deepak and Randeep, a tale to be told, In the tapestry of friendship, woven bold. July 22, 2023 Randeep Suneja #drsuneja , #friendships , #friends , #iit ,#mamc, #cardiotwitter , #salwanpublicschool Deepak Nayar


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