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Experience Aloneness, Experience Silence, Experience Being yourself, Experience Being with yourself, Enjoying your Being, Enjoying your Breathing , Enjoying Your Heartbeat , Enjoying your inner Harmony, Thinking Must stop for Meditation to be , Because if you are Thinking , your mind is functioning and mind is past , and past never allows you to see the present , Meditation leads to Awareness As Thinking Evaporates, Awareness is Born , Meditation Leads to Egolessness , which leads to No Anger and No Hatred , Work, that is close to your Heart and filled with passion leading to fulfillment is also Meditation. Love what you Do and Do what you Love and Contentment will be yours . Awareness leads to Silence on its own , This Silence is Alive with a song at its deepest core, It is Blisssful , It is Loving, It is not empty but on the contrary Plentitude, Your sources are so full and inexhaustible that you can bless the whole world and Keep on giving for ever , Meditation must become synonymous with Life like your breathing transforming your life , Sitting in Lotus Posture, just watch your breath, your natural breath , and your breathing becomes calm, your mind becomes calm, With less traffic in your mind , less thoughts , less desires, less memories , More quiet , more silent spaces , more gaps and intervals until NO thoughts, That is the moment of enlightenment, Moment of realization, Life is ephemeral like a soap bubble, Everything is changing like a River that is moving , Nothing is permanent , Once you realize and understand, you are beyond sorrow, You see things in a different light , in a new context and space as you can’t change things, Enjoy the Beauty of this dynamic World, With no desire to cling or dominate, your ego evaporates , The “I “exists only in an island of ocean of “my “ and “mine” . Empty handed we come , Empty handed we go, All belongs here . Master your Thoughts , Master your Words, Your Energy is so Calm, Love unconditionally, Share Happiness, Appreciate what you have and Be Grateful, Be Kind to you and to each other , And then witness This ordinary World becomes Extraordinary for YOU ! #meditation , #happinesss , #silence , #yoga , #drsuneja


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