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A gift from India

In Lahaina town of Maui Hawaii, a gift from India in seventeen seventy three, A Banyan tree arrived 150 years ago, Its leafy branches growing to 60 feet tall, It thrived majestically spreading over 1.94 acres, August the eighth, a ferocious blaze, Engulfed the great tree in fiery haze. Heartbeat of Lahaina , now cinched by fires, Lahaina mourns, its vibrant past a dash. Largest in Maui and Also in the entire land of the free, Canopy vast, like the endless sea. Sixteen trunks, a circle so wide, Sheltering birds and souls , where memories reside. Under spring's sun, in twenty twenty-two, Our family stood under its glory, during our visit in spring break, Now badly damaged , hopefully it recovers and it’s legacy continues, In tales and in hearts, like a cherished song. #drsuneja , #lahaina , #banyantree , #maui , #mauifires , #hawaii


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