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Dedication to my Father on Father's Day :

Dedication to my Father on Father's Day : Even though it has been over 29 years since my Father Mr Om Prakash Suneja passed away, my childhood memories of his Life and Principles are crystal clear in my mind. He began his professional career as an accountant in the Oriental Bank of Commerce in New Delhi and over the course of 31 years rose to the ranks of Regional Manager of New Delhi Region overseeing several thousand employees. His Passion for Work, His Integrity, Sincerity and Dedication were Exemplary. In addition he volunteered at Arya Samaj teaching us Selfless Service, Faith in God and sharing Love and Compassion with fellow Human Beings. He provided his family well fulfilling all our needs and wants. My Brother and Myself Salute a Great Father who taught both his children by setting a great example of being A Wonderful Dad, A Real life hero, A Fearless Leader, A compassionate person, A great Human Being and Above all A Pure Soul! Dad, Thanks for teaching us all the important things in life. We love you Dad and still miss you!!! PS : In the Picture, my Dad receiving an Award from the President of India Rajendra Prasad for being a top Yoga Students in India! Also the second picture of four generations with my Dad holding my oldest son. Other pictures of our Family, kids, grand-kids as life keeps moving at an amazing pace, Life is Beautiful!!! #love, #compassion, #fathersday, #family, #dad Happy Father’s Day to all the Wonderful Father’s in the World!!!

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